The wait finally ended for me, last night at 7:30! As I rushed to get to the theater by 6:40 so I would be able to get a decent seat – I found myself spending the most time trying to find a parking spot. The entire lot at Century Theaters on Louise was packed. Granted, they had 2-3 showings before the 7:30 – but still, that was a 1st for me!  I was surprised how there was no wait to get tickets or popcorn – and when my wife and I walked into the theater, I would say about 30 min before it started – it was only 1/4 full.

Like I said in the title, this will be a spoiler free review – I hate it when people ruin things for others! I remember when the last Star Wars movie came out, and I won’t say what the guy yelled word for word, but he yelled – “I can’t believe they killed……” If you have seen it, you know who I am talking about – so talk about ruining a whole movie before it starts! This is the first time I noticed – when you walk around the theater, you will see signs up about how Thanos wants it to be kept Spoiler Free – I have never seen them advertise that.

When looking at reviews for this movie – I mostly saw how it was the greatest Marvel movie made. Nothing bad was said – except by one person who said that the first 2 hours were beyond boring but the last hour made up for it all. Yes, this movie is 3 hours long! Make sure you plan accordingly.

I will have to agree a little with the criticism. I would say the first hour – hour and a half was slow moving. In fact, there were times I thought to myself – are they trying to get into a new category at the Oscars, a comedy film? Sure – they probably felt – the more comedy they have the better the first hour or so feels.

I thought they got a little too….”silly”… for some characters. Granted, this is coming from a guy who is currently not a dad – so I did not have kids with me, who I guarantee will enjoy the whole movie, but I am the type who was a fan of the Batman series with Bale as Batman – a darker series.

I am not the biggest Marvel buff there is, but yet I am a big enough fan to want to see this movie on opening night – plus I know how social media works, and assumed SOMEONE would ruin this for me. I actually did not think this was the best Avengers movie – I loved Infinity War. This one, to me, was a close second.

It is an emotional movie – people in the theater were laughing, crying and yes… applauding throughout the movie. The only time I wanted to applaud was the brief, and final cameo of Stan Lee.

To wrap this “review” up – I would say, make sure you have enough caffeine to make it through the beginning. After that hour or so – the movie FLIES by – you could say, its over in a snap! It does not feel like 3 hours. This is definitely a must see movie – very entertaining – I would give this a 4.5 out of 5. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 96% where 93% of the fans liked it (that surprises me that its not 99%)

Rating: PG-13 (for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and some language) – I was surprised how often they swore to be honest… super hero’s swear?!? Hmm.. who knew! 🙂


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