This Saturday, Taco John’s will close their Minnesota Avenue location. This will be part of their new realignment.

They moved their east side location on 10th street just across the street earlier this year.

Back when I was going to school in 2000, I worked at the Taco John’s on 12th street – the old location that was closer to 12th street with the parking located behind the building. They then tore down that building – put the new building in the parking lot area and made the parking closer to 12th street, how you see it today.

In January, there will be a new Taco John’s location on 26th & Sycamore Ave.

I haven’t heard what will go in this old location on MN ave – but it is nice to know that we won’t be losing any TJ stores! I am a TJ fan over Taco Bell – might be biased because I grew up working for them since I was a freshman in HS – all through college. I hear the biggest complaints that they are overpriced – but you get what you pay for – the best Mexican fast food in the area, in my opinion! 🙂

For more information on this, check out the article from Sioux Falls.Business.Or from KELOLAND