I know what you are thinking – a new car wash? Neat….. (sarcasm) Or.. wait – another Silver Star?? 🙂 Well, nope – it is a brand new car wash that is bringing options that was missing in town, in my opinion. I was just talking to someone about this yesterday how I miss 10th street Auto Wash for their interior washes/detailing – but now with this new car wash, you will get those options again!

Clean Ride Auto Spa will be coming to Sioux Falls early this year (no exact date has been mentioned). They will be located on the south side of Sioux Falls at 85th and Minnesota, and will provide more options other than just a touch-less car wash. They are also a full detail shop, a pet wash station, self-serve vacuums, and will have an interior coffee shop provided by Coffea Roasterie.

Prices have not been released yet. I am still a monthly member to Silver Star – and based on convenience, will keep it – they provide an amazing car wash, but what they lack is an interior wash/detail – which is what I am glad Clean Ride will provide! I am a car nut – so this made my day 🙂

For more information, check out their website below. You can also scroll down mid way through their site and sign up to win a 6 month membership to their car wash.