Welcome Entertainment-Enthusiasts! I’d like to present to you, the very first blog post by a fellow Entertainment-Enthusiast, who happens to live in and love Sioux Falls! I wasn’t born here, but was lucky enough to be planted here at age 5, and I’ve loved growing up with the city.

Other than going to college up in B-town, and living in Upstate New York for a year and a half, Sioux Falls has been my home ever since I learned my abc’s. And I’m proud of that!

Now let’s be honest, Sioux Falls hasn’t always had the most happening entertainment scene. For those of you that have lived in Sioux Falls a long time, you know that we’ve always had some great entertainment gems, though.

Remember the Pomp Room? Or the concerts held in the Knights of Columbus Hall? Remember Nit Wits? Those places might not exist any longer, but they are important pieces of this city’s history that have helped us get to where we are now, with our multitude of entertainment venues.

But the venues themselves would be just wood and concrete were it not for the many talented people that breathe life into them. From those doing the entertaining, to those making the entertainers look good, it’s the people that interest me! Sioux Falls is home to these people that make a living in the entertainment world, and I want to get to know them – and I want to share that with you!

Consider me the Entertainment-of-Sioux-Falls-Mr.-Rodgers…or something like that. I plan to get to know our neighbors that make our entertainment world thrive, and give you an inside glimpse into their lives. Each blog post will be a sort of expose on a member of our community.

So, if there’s someone in the entertainment world you want to know more about, or you yourself want to be exposed (in a not-naked kind of way), shoot over a message on Facebook or email and let me know! I’d love to chat over your choice of beverage, and find out what makes you You!